Microsoft on Monday talked up a slew of future features planned to land in Edge in coming months, including tabs stacked vertically along the browser’s side and a Firefox-esque Password Monitor.

And although Microsoft has not come out and put it plainly, it appears it will mimic Google’s Chrome as it resumes releasing Edge builds, including skipping a version to make up for lost time.

“It’s time to expect more from our browsers – more control over our data and our family’s online information, new ways to organize our online research and more value back as we browse,” wrote Liat Ben-Zur, an Edge marketing executive, in a post to a company blog.

The bulk of the features touted by Ben-Zur were spun to a consumer, not commercial, angle, perhaps to sync with Microsoft’s Monday announcement of expanded and renamed Office subscriptions for consumers. Few of the listed features are available immediately, with many not yet having debuted in the browser’s Insider preview program.

Vertical tabs, for example, are to reach Insider “in the next few months,” when users will be able to open a sidebar where tabs are stacked. One big benefit: The sidebar gives each tab the space to show even long page titles, unlike top-of-the-browser tabs, which typically truncate titles to the point of uselessness when many are open at the same time.


At some point, Edge will boast an option that will stack tabs vertically in a sidebar. When? Microsoft didn’t say.

Edge will also include a password monitor (again, this feature is to hit Insider in the “next few months”) that warns users when their saved username-password combinations have previously been publicly leaked by a data hack. Ben-Zur’s description of the feature resembles what Mozilla ended up with as Firefox Monitor, the results of a partnership between the browser maker and the Have I Been Pwned? site and service.

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